Semalt Advice – 11 Test Sites For Freelancers To Consider

For bloggers, it is very important for their site to be user-friendly. Unfriendly sites discourage visitors and losing visitors is losing money. To ensure that their websites are user-friendly, many companies hire freelance testers to review their websites, and these companies pay reasonably well. Here is the list of some of the sites that hire freelancers to review their website.

User Testing

This company offers about $10 to $15 for 20 minutes tasks. To become one of their testers, you can apply and submit your email address. You will be given a sample test before you begin to receive assignments. The job is open to the US and International residents. Their only payment mode is PayPal.


This site allows you to select your preferred testing method among smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. You will need to submit your email address and password to register. When you are fully registered, you will receive notification emails when there is any assignment. They offer different types of assignments with different payment methods. They pay through PayPal. Global residents are eligible to apply too.


On this platform, companies assign tasks to participants. Some other companies ask questions about their websites. Every completed assignment will earn you $5. They pay once in a week also via PayPal.


This site offers studies, and it pays €50 for each case. However, studies are done via Skype, and each of them takes about 30 to 90 minutes. You will get paid within 10 days after a completed assignment through PayPal. This job is open to the US and international residents. However, Skype must be installed on your computer before you can participate.


Before you can join this team, you must register and pass their qualification test. Passing the test indicates that you understand the process and you have the requirements. Your main task is to test websites. Each of their tasks will take about 20 minutes, and you will earn $10 for each of them. Payments are made every two weeks via PayPal.


Participants will earn $10 for providing their thoughts on various websites. You will take an evaluation assignment here too. Once you qualify, you will be receiving assignments via email. Participants receive their pay at the end of every week through PayPal.


Here, you will need to test a website and provide feedback on it. Apart from websites, you can also test concepts and applications. You only need to register and apply, and you will get an assignment. The pay is $10 for each task, and it is paid via PayPal.


This company needs you to take part in its website usability test for desktop and mobile platforms. You will earn about $5 to $10 depending on how complex and difficult the task is. However, no matter how difficult, each assignment will take a maximum of 20 minutes. Participants are paid through PayPal within 10 to 14 business days of each task.


This company hires people to test sites for companies. The pay depends on the complexity of the task. For instance, you get about $5 for a 5-minute test whereas live tests are longer and more complex so that you may be paid up to $25 for a-30 minute task. Payments are made via PayPal here too. You will receive your payment within 5 business days after the test.


Here, you will need to test a website and provide feedback on it. But you need to pass a test before you begin to receive assignments via email. This platform pays a little higher than others. You will earn about $12.50 for a-20 minute test. Just like others, payment is made through PayPal on the 25th of every month. This job is open to international residents.


This site hires testers for various software and hardware. You need to take an audition test to prove that you have the required tech skills. Once you pass your audition, you will receive assignments via email. It is open to international residents too.